Friday, December 27, 2013

Aliens everywhere!

I plan on stepping through our solar system to look for evidence of intelligent alien life. I'll start with Mercury and try to touch on where the colonies are most evident. I will of course explore the moon orbiting Earth most of all.
NASA PHOTO - NASA has no explation, but for sure Not Aliens.
What is the reality? Why do they deny the truth when it makes them look kooky?

Turkey weather inversion mistaken for UFO

 One year ago:

New footage from Turkey - super clear UFO

I've enhanced a frame grab of the video in the link above. Whatever it is it does not seem to be the moon.

It's hard to say weather the thing is a big silver ball or disc reflecting or the moon doing a light show or a flock of birds or swamp gas really. No one official could possibly tell us something like "What we are witnessing is a city ship that can visit anywhere the owners care to take it".
You won't hear that from anyone (still) working for the Government or connected to it or dependent on it for a job.

What do you think? I'd like to hear from you.

2014 is here, where are we now?

I am declaring today that I am an artist with products for sale!

Enhanced Moon from Mexico - final steps

Are you interested in seeing our planets, moons, and near earth objects closer and more shocking than you can imagine?

Do you want to explore photos that are too clear to be released to the public for fear of panic?

Some theories and themes explored in my work are upsetting but are presented as helpful information not to scare or upset.

I have been collecting and enhancing space photos for twenty years. Now I'm snapping my own moon shots. For the first time I'm offering full-size files, photo prints, and other products to other space officianados. Let me know what you think.