Monday, January 21, 2013

Atlantis style UFO leaves Canada.

2010-01-27: Residents in Harbour Mille Newfoundland Wonder what the strange thing that seemed to emerge from the ocean along with two others was. The CBC article gives the story.

I will give you more of the story.

I decided to try to enhance the photo from the CBC new story and was very surprised by the results. I have seen something similar, again from Canada about a year ago.

Check out the original story here:

Please download my enhanced picture, Zoom in and tell me about what you see. I see a dome like structure at the front of the object and an oblong egg shaped object at the back, like a lifeboat hanging on to a city like structure in the middle. I surmise that this may be an example of a USO taking flight and becoming a UFO. Of course authorities would not disclose such a preposterous theory. If Aliens have the technology to get here, and there is a huge body of credible evidence that Saucers, orbs, rods and morphing objects are visiting everywhere on earth - then it is likely they are aware of a larger physics science than we can understand or even conceive of.

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