Saturday, October 10, 2009

NASA Bombs the Moon

My take on NASA's LCross project where they toss garbage down a black hole on the moon is that "What the hell is going on?" It's one thing to keep the existence of Alien Lunar Bases quiet from the public but quite another to behave as if the BS is true and start bombing craters where at the very least valuable ancient artifacts might be destroyed to the tragic possibility of actually killing aliens and beginning an interplanetary war.

I copied someone's comment from one of the blogs on Scientific American, I think this one sums-up what a large percentage of people were saying:
"This is INSANE!!!! We do NOT know what impact this bombing will have on the Moon or on
the Solar System for crying out loud!!! Let's just say that if... just if ... there are actually other
civilizations out there on the Moon, inside the Moon, or on other planets in the solar system...
let's just consider that it is a possibility even though we don't know... we may be literally causing
a Star Wars kind of situation and what will we say... "we were looking for water so we bombed
the Moon"??????????? Or let's just say that the Moon's orbit is more important to the Solar
System than what we know or anticipate!!!! We may end life on this planet way before we
thought possible!! This is very dangerous stupidity!!!!!!! Hopefully they'll find water somewhere
out there so I can move out of this planet where decisions are made out of greed by the most
stupid representatives of the human race!!! Suggestion: Ask the people... LISTEN to the human
race!!! "
My continuing gripe is that the public is kept from the high resolution pictures of craters and their interiors and edges. They continue to shrink photo and movie resolution by 1000% and have employed digital manipulation to blur detail. If I was funding a big trip like this ($79 Million USD) I would expect at the very least some decent pictures - Don't you feel taken advantage of? I am saddened & outraged that the secret of intelligent extraterrestrial life interacting closely with humans is being kept, and kept to such an extent that billions of dollars are being mis-directed.

The video below is from NASA and is really all the substance (as far as pictures or video go) given to the public from this 72 Million Dollar program.

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