Monday, July 13, 2009

Personal quest - hope for all

There comes a time (hopefully) in everyone's life where we seriously contemplate the question: What is it all about? Why do I exist? What will give my life the highest purpose - the best use of me? For me it was when my mother died. I still cry each day even after many months - I miss her, we needed her. Such a hole has been left it seems, but I wonder if I cry at the labour of filling that hole. I loved mom so much and she loved us so much too, now I must share that love with those I touch.

I have wiped the tears away for the time being, let me tell you some stories.

Strange things have been happening in Wayne's World lately, weird coincidences, silly miracles.
I know you are probably thinking "whew, brace yourself, this guy is way out there". I'm writing to you with your mind open to ideas and concepts of enormous consequence. I will point you to information available for your own research whenever possible.

A recent occurrence of note happened when I responded to an Internet "free report" on remote viewing. I got the report or Video I think it was, and decided to check it out by myself right away. Well the preferred method is the scientific double blind method where someone is actually at the remote location for verification. I'm a bit impatient sometimes and look for instant results, at times that's impractical but I get excited, and I was excited. I thought to myself what is a good test to see if I have any talent in that area? Well my favourite subject has always been UFOs. I figured that I might find a UFO on google earth. I didn't even have google earth, I downloaded it and then went directly (15 minutes of stumbling) a famous American Laboratory area and there just a few miles out of town is the best UFO I have seen - maybe ever! What are the chances of that? (I haven't found another since) Let me tell you that I was scared (maybe I still should be) that the men in black might want to check out this skill! Evidently it can be taught to anyone. So if that's the case and I know it is being taught all over the world right now, then I am probably safe because I'm just a rookie- they want an expert.

I didn't order the course (yet) because of Fear. I was afraid of the weird and different concepts. The power is scary. I suppose some folks with a pious religious background might believe that power is not meant for them to wield. I believe the only real demons are the ones we create. The key is that the power of the mind is the power to create. Creation involves more than working with our hands, our tools include light, sound, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism - when it comes down to it many of our tools cannot be perceived with our ordinary senses. If "we" can do these things then we cannot dismiss those arguments based on the logical extension of known science.

The next time I write I will have the google coordinates for you as well as (hopefully) a link to remote viewing. Of course you are free to check this stuff out on your own if you can't wait.

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