Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I was born a long time ago, longer than I once thought would be worth living. Of course I think I was seven at that particular time. I was born at the dawn of humanity's space age. Many of us watched the first rockets launched live and live on TV. Earth, the Moon, Mars, the solar system and beyond- it is all ours to explore! Or is it? When "we" went to the moon was the plan to build a base within a stated time frame or was it to hightail it off the moon and hide it from the world for 30 years? Now we are going back according to NASA. I wonder if they have plans to let humanity ride along with live broadcasts when they focus on the far side of the moon? We have paid a high price for the old grainy pictures deemed viewable by the public. I find it beyond belief that with the weight of public interest and with the testimony by first hand witnesses to paranormal or UFO activity or involvement in cover ups that official UFO disclosure has not happened.

What possessed me to pursue this course when I was looking for life's meaning? I have found that everything is connected to everything! (True! Everything began as a single point, therefor there was never an area of non-connection - in the beginning). Scientists are discovering particles which can potentially communicate instantly across galaxies. Science is merging with science fiction at a rate that is now difficult to imagine. Religion too it turns out had a few of the keys but really got bogged down in power plays and ceremony designed often times to rule by fear, ignorance and superstition. When those did not work then the sword sufficed quite nicely.
We, the humans (and fellow creatures & guests) of earth really are at a convergence of energies. It is an exciting time to live, so many possibilities for huge drama!

Welcome to our adventure.
If it happens... Don't get any on you!

oh yes, Don't Panic.
Good vibes to you. Wayne

PS: Images courtesy of NASA & JPL (143384main_image_feature_514_ys_full / 188052main_image_feature_902_full)

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