Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great picture of UFO captured on Google earth

Hello again friends. As I promised yesterday I'm posting the address co-ordinates so that you can check out Google earth for yourself and find this Great picture of a UFO. I have not checked yet weather it is still up on that site so here is the picture I captured, I enhanced the contrast and sharpness a bit because I hang this one on my office wall. In the Satellite Photo on google taken at an apparent height of 2279 metres at 35-51-43-84 N x 106-17-24-77 or converted to decimal: latitude: 35.862178 longitude: 106.323547.

You can see in the Photo the following:
1.The floating circular white shape with spoke and hub design: the symmetrical patterns are obviously engineered. A shadow can be seen just below and to the right of the four trees on the ground apparently cast by the floating object. Some type of wave of distortion is also visible around the object. No trails or roads intersect the shape so it does not seem to be an earth -bound object. The object is bright, reflective and perhaps even translucent all at once.

2. The roadway behind the UFO is paved and two lane with good road markings clearly visible. You will notice the clear white and solid dividing line between the two lanes. The Incredible thing here is (and I just noticed this) that you can see the vehicles stopped on the roadway! Holy crap! Follow that solid white line from the right past the saucer up to the left, if you picture isn't too clear you might notice that the line breaks up, that's where the vehicles are stopped. I can imagine the faces on those drivers as they stare! There is no traffic coming from the right, perhaps a roadblock but I don't recall seeing a line of traffic elsewhere - vehicles smaller than a semi-trailer on the road are not always easy to spot.

3. I estimated conservatively that the craft is 15 car lengths or about 225 feet across. One can see almost the entire shadow cast by the craft, it is slightly ellipsoid and slightly larger than the apparent size of the object this indicates that the object was quite close to the ground.

Ok, that's what I have for you for now.

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  1. I have tried to find the spot recently but it seems to have been "upgraded" with a new and distinctly green strip of land instead of the dry desert shot. Perhaps the "cleaners" have been busy. I wonder when they will upgrade the shot over my house, the present one is over 20 years old and too blurry to see a ten acre farm!

    I have much clearer views of Martian cities and Moon bases.