Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why should I read this? or Aliens & UFO's are the keys to our enlightenment

Pondering on why I have an urge (a feeling of destiny even) to share my discoveries with the people of the world I wondered Why should John & Jane Doe be interested in Space and Aliens when they have to run their kids off to Hockey or Dance classes?

Everyday lives are full of things to do and things to think about & if they are not full - we join a club or volunteer for something or get a pet (or all three).
Well, the kids grow up and things change. Some of us continue to fill every second of the day with activities to keep busy. Some of us take more time to be with themselves. Everyone eventually strives to reach a balance but balance is reached only in a snapshot of time - nature is always unbalanced, it moves constantly from higher to lower from hot to cold and back; and we humans are part of nature are we not? When we recognize our nature, we come closer to knowing ourselves and to knowing the nature of the Universe (which is God).

When we speak of truth we are all stumbling around in the dark trying to navigate without bruises.

Emotion, Economics, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Science, History all come into play while the story (that we all weave purporting to be the truth) is written. Infinite "slants" can be put on the story. The story will generate and interact with future events either intentionally or non-intentionally - As a pebble dropped in a pond causes ripples to spread out from the splash, the ripples move and interact with the entire pond. Ripples also exist in the fabric of reality in space and time. Scale is really the difference. In an effort to understand the nature of reality scientists have applied mathematics in the form of Fractals and quantum mechanical effects to model the "real" world in computer simulations.
These simulations are of incredible value and use for weather, military, commercial GPS, Stock Market, and Games - in the real world.

I ran across the following which right on target:
"What is a theory? What is science? What is reality?

Doing philosophy is like sculpting fog. The abstractions to be investigated have ambiguous and shifting forms, and their traces are the vortices left by human thought in evening mists. Most scientists most of the time are well-advised to eschew it. It has little relevance for working within the boundaries of accepted theories.

... So what is an electron, really? What is a planetary nebula, really? As long as the two physicists stay inside the boundaries of their respective theories, the questions don’t arise. The answers are presumed by each theory’s axioms of what is real. The criteria of acceptability for each theory (What constitutes evidence? What constitutes an explanation?) don’t apply to the other theory. Cross-theory debates can only end in pleonastic proclamations of what is “really real”: “Is not!” “Is too!” "- Mel Acheson

Modern astronomers busy themselves applying accepted theories to new observations in deliberate disregard for the unexpected. They may as well reprint previous papers, close the telescopes, and save the taxpayers’ pennies. They’ve ceased looking for new ideas and have become technicians of the rote.
Astronomy has become a science of answers, of “secure knowledge,” of ritual. It can be contained on a hard drive. It’s a science for robots or parrots. Answers are victories that soon become dead leaves of reminiscence, dry pages of textbooks and scriptures.

A science for humans is a science of questions, of learning, of possibilities and opportunities. Its aim is not to fold the unquestioned into the envelope of the given but to learn new words and to write new narratives.
Mel Acheson


Science may be entering a new Dark Age.
- Institutions depend upon government funding or political and commercial good will to operate.
- Scientists work for institutions.
- Teachers, Professors work for institutions.
- Lawyers, Accountants, Politicians all depend upon peer credibility and political will.

Who will stand up and say "my boss will not let me tell the truth"? Not too many "whistle-blowers" but there are a few. They are usually "formerly" or "past" or "the late", and are subject to all kinds of criticism and even violence. Why do they take on the troubles? They do it because they understand the importance of the largest truth to humanity - we are not alone!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

NASA Bombs the Moon

My take on NASA's LCross project where they toss garbage down a black hole on the moon is that "What the hell is going on?" It's one thing to keep the existence of Alien Lunar Bases quiet from the public but quite another to behave as if the BS is true and start bombing craters where at the very least valuable ancient artifacts might be destroyed to the tragic possibility of actually killing aliens and beginning an interplanetary war.

I copied someone's comment from one of the blogs on Scientific American, I think this one sums-up what a large percentage of people were saying:
"This is INSANE!!!! We do NOT know what impact this bombing will have on the Moon or on
the Solar System for crying out loud!!! Let's just say that if... just if ... there are actually other
civilizations out there on the Moon, inside the Moon, or on other planets in the solar system...
let's just consider that it is a possibility even though we don't know... we may be literally causing
a Star Wars kind of situation and what will we say... "we were looking for water so we bombed
the Moon"??????????? Or let's just say that the Moon's orbit is more important to the Solar
System than what we know or anticipate!!!! We may end life on this planet way before we
thought possible!! This is very dangerous stupidity!!!!!!! Hopefully they'll find water somewhere
out there so I can move out of this planet where decisions are made out of greed by the most
stupid representatives of the human race!!! Suggestion: Ask the people... LISTEN to the human
race!!! "
My continuing gripe is that the public is kept from the high resolution pictures of craters and their interiors and edges. They continue to shrink photo and movie resolution by 1000% and have employed digital manipulation to blur detail. If I was funding a big trip like this ($79 Million USD) I would expect at the very least some decent pictures - Don't you feel taken advantage of? I am saddened & outraged that the secret of intelligent extraterrestrial life interacting closely with humans is being kept, and kept to such an extent that billions of dollars are being mis-directed.

The video below is from NASA and is really all the substance (as far as pictures or video go) given to the public from this 72 Million Dollar program.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Great picture of UFO captured on Google earth

Hello again friends. As I promised yesterday I'm posting the address co-ordinates so that you can check out Google earth for yourself and find this Great picture of a UFO. I have not checked yet weather it is still up on that site so here is the picture I captured, I enhanced the contrast and sharpness a bit because I hang this one on my office wall. In the Satellite Photo on google taken at an apparent height of 2279 metres at 35-51-43-84 N x 106-17-24-77 or converted to decimal: latitude: 35.862178 longitude: 106.323547.

You can see in the Photo the following:
1.The floating circular white shape with spoke and hub design: the symmetrical patterns are obviously engineered. A shadow can be seen just below and to the right of the four trees on the ground apparently cast by the floating object. Some type of wave of distortion is also visible around the object. No trails or roads intersect the shape so it does not seem to be an earth -bound object. The object is bright, reflective and perhaps even translucent all at once.

2. The roadway behind the UFO is paved and two lane with good road markings clearly visible. You will notice the clear white and solid dividing line between the two lanes. The Incredible thing here is (and I just noticed this) that you can see the vehicles stopped on the roadway! Holy crap! Follow that solid white line from the right past the saucer up to the left, if you picture isn't too clear you might notice that the line breaks up, that's where the vehicles are stopped. I can imagine the faces on those drivers as they stare! There is no traffic coming from the right, perhaps a roadblock but I don't recall seeing a line of traffic elsewhere - vehicles smaller than a semi-trailer on the road are not always easy to spot.

3. I estimated conservatively that the craft is 15 car lengths or about 225 feet across. One can see almost the entire shadow cast by the craft, it is slightly ellipsoid and slightly larger than the apparent size of the object this indicates that the object was quite close to the ground.

Ok, that's what I have for you for now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Personal quest - hope for all

There comes a time (hopefully) in everyone's life where we seriously contemplate the question: What is it all about? Why do I exist? What will give my life the highest purpose - the best use of me? For me it was when my mother died. I still cry each day even after many months - I miss her, we needed her. Such a hole has been left it seems, but I wonder if I cry at the labour of filling that hole. I loved mom so much and she loved us so much too, now I must share that love with those I touch.

I have wiped the tears away for the time being, let me tell you some stories.

Strange things have been happening in Wayne's World lately, weird coincidences, silly miracles.
I know you are probably thinking "whew, brace yourself, this guy is way out there". I'm writing to you with your mind open to ideas and concepts of enormous consequence. I will point you to information available for your own research whenever possible.

A recent occurrence of note happened when I responded to an Internet "free report" on remote viewing. I got the report or Video I think it was, and decided to check it out by myself right away. Well the preferred method is the scientific double blind method where someone is actually at the remote location for verification. I'm a bit impatient sometimes and look for instant results, at times that's impractical but I get excited, and I was excited. I thought to myself what is a good test to see if I have any talent in that area? Well my favourite subject has always been UFOs. I figured that I might find a UFO on google earth. I didn't even have google earth, I downloaded it and then went directly (15 minutes of stumbling) a famous American Laboratory area and there just a few miles out of town is the best UFO I have seen - maybe ever! What are the chances of that? (I haven't found another since) Let me tell you that I was scared (maybe I still should be) that the men in black might want to check out this skill! Evidently it can be taught to anyone. So if that's the case and I know it is being taught all over the world right now, then I am probably safe because I'm just a rookie- they want an expert.

I didn't order the course (yet) because of Fear. I was afraid of the weird and different concepts. The power is scary. I suppose some folks with a pious religious background might believe that power is not meant for them to wield. I believe the only real demons are the ones we create. The key is that the power of the mind is the power to create. Creation involves more than working with our hands, our tools include light, sound, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism - when it comes down to it many of our tools cannot be perceived with our ordinary senses. If "we" can do these things then we cannot dismiss those arguments based on the logical extension of known science.

The next time I write I will have the google coordinates for you as well as (hopefully) a link to remote viewing. Of course you are free to check this stuff out on your own if you can't wait.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Meaning of Life

I was born a long time ago, longer than I once thought would be worth living. Of course I think I was seven at that particular time. I was born at the dawn of humanity's space age. Many of us watched the first rockets launched live and live on TV. Earth, the Moon, Mars, the solar system and beyond- it is all ours to explore! Or is it? When "we" went to the moon was the plan to build a base within a stated time frame or was it to hightail it off the moon and hide it from the world for 30 years? Now we are going back according to NASA. I wonder if they have plans to let humanity ride along with live broadcasts when they focus on the far side of the moon? We have paid a high price for the old grainy pictures deemed viewable by the public. I find it beyond belief that with the weight of public interest and with the testimony by first hand witnesses to paranormal or UFO activity or involvement in cover ups that official UFO disclosure has not happened.

What possessed me to pursue this course when I was looking for life's meaning? I have found that everything is connected to everything! (True! Everything began as a single point, therefor there was never an area of non-connection - in the beginning). Scientists are discovering particles which can potentially communicate instantly across galaxies. Science is merging with science fiction at a rate that is now difficult to imagine. Religion too it turns out had a few of the keys but really got bogged down in power plays and ceremony designed often times to rule by fear, ignorance and superstition. When those did not work then the sword sufficed quite nicely.
We, the humans (and fellow creatures & guests) of earth really are at a convergence of energies. It is an exciting time to live, so many possibilities for huge drama!

Welcome to our adventure.
If it happens... Don't get any on you!

oh yes, Don't Panic.
Good vibes to you. Wayne

PS: Images courtesy of NASA & JPL (143384main_image_feature_514_ys_full / 188052main_image_feature_902_full)